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I walked forwards into the wild east and i saw a town. It looked deserted but also looked like someone had bee here before. I walked closer to the town,I thought it led to the end of the world.I was alone.

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Weather 2

If we are going to record the weather over the next week what do we need to measure and observe? Do we need any special equipment for this?


What information is given on weather websites?

How do they give us the information?

hundred word challenge

One day a brave athlete set of on a marathan.His name  is john.At first he got very tierd but he didnt stop going.The croud roared with cheer as john sprinted acros the path.Suddenly,john tript over an other athlete called adam!orrrr the croud shouted!Adam saw john crieng so Adam helped john up.Adam didnt care about winning the race he just wanted his friend to complete the adam helped john to win the race.suddenly they zoomed past adnan,olivia and george.In the distense the finishing line was right infront of them they finnaly crossed the line the croud was very happy.

My weak being ill

When i got home i went to the doctors and they told my Mum i was breathing to fast.So we had to go to the hospital for three days and give me pink medicine called steroid,it tasted horrible.I had a asthma attack  caused by a virus.I will be coming back to school tomorrow but i will not be doing the sports,i might be a helper instead.

Thank you all for the best wishes and the card,i really liked the picture on front of it!