My spellings C word search

I have done this word search so that I can learn spellings for the week beginning 25/02/13. These spellings are spellings C. I’m doing this to try to get me a full 10/10 because even though I 10/10 pretty much every week I would like it to be the last 10/10 that I get before I turn 9. Here it is and I hope you enjoy doing it:

Make Your Own Word Search

4 Comments  to  My spellings C word search

  1. yasmins says:

    Lauren that is a great way to learn your spellings!!
    I might do one of them.
    Great Work!


  2. leah says:

    WOW Lauren that is brillient i love how you did a word search using your spellings.

  3. aaron says:

    wow this is a great wordsearch of your spellings

  4. ellamei says:

    you do know your spellings well ,you get 10/10 most of the time .WELL DONE!

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